An Appliance Repair Victoria BC Worker Speaks Out Against Woke Cancel Culture at Uvic

cancel culture victoria bc

Young girls and boys once dreamed of going to university where they can discuss freely their opinions and learn objective truths. But, today, poor children who see the disasters that have taken over campuses across North America would rather work typical jobs than go to post-secondary school because they’re disgusted by the woke rebels who are holding knowledge hostage today.

In Victoria BC, an appliance repairman is concerned for his daughter’s future. His daughter once dreamed of going to law school to defend freedom of speech in Canada. But at the University of Victoria, all of her friends from high school have turned into her enemies as they make fun of her on social media for having conservative views. Cancel culture has gotten so out of hand that they preach against bullying while bullying at the same time and they are too blinded by their own lies to see how uneducated their choices are. It’s ironic and sad that institutions that once bred educated peers now breeds woke justice warriors that would rather complain on social media than do any hard work for themselves.

Today, a worker from a company called The Appliance Repair Pro, that specializes in appliance repair Victoria BC services, spoke out against the University of Victoria (Uvic) for brainwashing several friends of the family this morning. To quote, they said: “My friend’s daughter was raised in a wealthy family and was treated well her whole life, but after one gender studies class at Uvic she now thinks she’s a victim and refuses to learn anything truthful about Canadian history because she thinks all of history is now a lie. I don’t know what teachers at Uvic told here, but this needs to stop right now.”

Moreover, most concerning of all, the worker/parent had this to say: “Now, my own daughter saw all this and refused to go to Uvic because of it. She refuses to go to any university that ‘disrespects the foundation of its own civilization.’ I love her for it, but I’m also sad because she now wants to follow in my foot steps and have a career in appliance repair rather than go to school. I really wish things were different, because I never dreamed my daughter would have the same boring job as me fixing appliances. She deserves better for how smart she is. She is the new justice warrior, in my opinion, calling for justice against woke cancel culture. Well, I guess she has that freedom to do as she pleases, and that’s what she’s trying to protect by doing this in first place.”

This is a wake up call to all parents who have kids who will be going to university in North America within the next few years. If you don’t want to risk your children becoming brainwashed, woke justice warriors, consider waiting will dangerous university ideologies are quelled before sending your kids away. If more people spread awareness about this, perhaps we can see universities going back to doing what they were designed to do by a couple of years. Right now, sending your kids to university would be a waste of money and would actually have the opposite of the intended effect. They won’t become educated, they’ll become brainwashed by professors who behave like religious fanatics. And we’re not afraid, unlike them, to admit the truth of this matter. So…

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