Canadian Small Businesses Working Together

small canadian business

It’s now the year of 2021 and the world is so different. From competing like cutthroat thieves in the early Wild West of business in the 1800s–where railroads meant gold and backstabbers had no mercy–to, well, this. It’s 2021 and history has never been nicer. Now is the time to grow, now is the time to share, and if you think otherwise then you haven’t studied Canadian small business history. Despite COVID-19, the times have never been better for business growth in Canada. Bring innovation, bring hard work, bring technology, bring science and the opportunities are limitless.

So than you to every small Canadian business that has decided to be kind to their competition. Businesses that grow together grow faster and larger.

I see appliance repair companies helping landscaping companies, and stone masonry companies helping tow truck and auto detailing companies. I see tree service companies helping kitchen remodeling companies and so on and so on. It’s really quite amazing to see.

And I hope to see a lot more of it as we move deeper into this glorious year of 2021!

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