Paying for Appliance Repair with Cryptocurrencies

appliance repair crypto payment

Today we want to talk about something very exciting. It may be because appliance repair technicians are a little more prone to loving technology than most other people, but I’ve been hearing a lot of talk among appliance repair companies, at least in Canada, about accepting certain cryptocurrencies for payment. Ad it’s not just appliance repair companies talking about this, it’s every kind of business.

Here at, we’re highly delighted about this because we believe every business who adopts cryptocurrency too late will not be able to benefit from the explosion in popularity that small businesses are getting by announcing that they now accept crypto as payment.

If you’re a business owner wondering if you should follow suit, let us mention that there are crypto coins that are stable at the price of the US dollar. Such coins are USDT and BUSD. By accepting these coins, there is no risk that you will lose money because they always hover at the same price.

More on this topic soon!