About the Author

I’m a young woman named Jackie Rose with lot’s of experience when it comes to fixing electronics and giving home service advice but I don’t have much writing experience, hence the reason I’m here today. I took over this domain to give a fresh start to something old, and I hope people who used to visit this website years ago will find something refreshing in my words.

To check out my blog now and skip boring details about myself, click here. Or feel free to keep reading as I get more personal into my life. This will be as brief as I can make it.

I started fixing appliances with my dad when I was as young as eight years old. Before that I always enjoyed taking old computers apart to see what was inside. In college I majored in electrical engineering and minored in creative writing. I’ve written a small novel but never got it published. Lately my real passion has been writing. So I thought why not write about what I know–electronics and appliances. I also know a lot about how these come into the home as a form of services, whether it be light switch installation or appliance repair.

Me being a young woman who talks like a man who has lived a long life might seem strange to some, and people might read my blog posts without ever knowing I’m just a girl in my mid twenties. I don’t want to be an appliance tech for the rest of my life but I do want to make this a space where appliance techs can feel at home while I practice my writing skills and share old knowledge I’ve picked up working with electronics.

That’s me in a nutshell. If there’s more about me worth sharing you’ll pick it up in my blog post. Thanks for your curiosity.