Why Appliance Repair?

therapy in california

Why did we make the switch from therapy in California to electronics and appliance repair in North America? The full story metaphorically can be read here.

To know why appliance repair, keep reading:

Working with electronics and appliances is a great way to heal the mind. So is also anything that involves peacefully working with the hands, as it is a form of therapy. But appliance repair is special for us because we have a love for electronics and things that add value to the home. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping your neighbor fix their fridge or repairing your own stereo system when it breaks, for us anyways.

And California compared to North America is a small place. To reach a larger audience, we no longer cater to just people in California but wish to share this awesome form of self-therapy to all of North America. By writing about what we love we hope to give similar services as before, but instead allowing people to practice self-therapy by working with their hands.

We hope this makes sense to you and we thank you for visiting.