Too Many Electronics?

Are there too many electronics in modern society? That’s the question we’ll be exploring today. Thanks for tuning in.

First of all, before I say everything cliché and progressive that you might expect, let me play devil’s advocate and defend electronics in modern society for a moment.

To capture the theme, answer this question for yourself: How different would coping with the COVID pandemic of 2020/21 would have been if we didn’t have electronics to work from home or keep us busy indoors?

Certainly, nearly a hundred years ago we could have used pen and paper combined with the mail and transport systems to work many intellectual jobs from home but without electronics many of us would be forced to leave the house and risk our health during a pandemic in order to work our jobs.

Now we also can’t deny the unfortunate aspects of tech-dependent generations taking over all of society’s responsibilities as Baby Boomers retire more and more each year. Indeed, I really mean “tech-dependent”. I know many young people who haven’t sent a physical letter in the mail their whole lives. In a case of having no electricity, these types of people would enter a chaotic state and might starve to death fairly quickly, as thanks to technology they have no hunting skills, no gardening skills and truly rely on electronics to survive. A hundred years ago, if you needed electronics to survive at a young age, you would be considered a fool and a coward of the highest degree.

Therefore, an easy solution to this problem would be to simply have summer camps for kids that focus on teaching them of the pioneer way of life. No electronics all summer! Kids who learn how to cook with a fire and live without electricity will have an upper-hand when they’re adults, so consider this if you’re a parent.

Last but most importantly for your own sake, answer this: “Do you rely on electronics to survive?”

Canadian Small Businesses Working Together

It’s now the year of 2021 and the world is so different. From competing like cutthroat thieves in the early Wild West of business in the 1800s–where railroads meant gold and backstabbers had no mercy–to, well, this. It’s 2021 and history has never been nicer. Now is the time to grow, now is the time to share, and if you think otherwise then you haven’t studied Canadian small business history. Despite COVID-19, the times have never been better for business growth in Canada. Bring innovation, bring hard work, bring technology, bring science and the opportunities are limitless.

So than you to every small Canadian business that has decided to be kind to their competition. Businesses that grow together grow faster and larger.

I see appliance repair companies helping landscaping companies, and stone masonry companies helping tow truck and auto detailing companies. I see tree service companies helping kitchen remodeling companies and so on and so on. It’s really quite amazing to see.

And I hope to see a lot more of it as we move deeper into this glorious year of 2021!

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No Rock Concerts Due to COVID-19? How Concert Lovers can Cope….

Today’s post is sharing a strategy for concert lovers on how to cope during quarantine times. We’ve missed many great rock concerts in the past week because of this pandemic, but here is something we’ve been doing to cope and you can do it to!

The answer is simple. We’ve been having our own rock concerts at home. With our powerful speakers, we’ve invited our closest friends for an old school house party. We play everything from Dio and Metallica to The Beatles and Michael Jackson. We play the music really loud with lighting effects to give the illusion when our eyes are closed that we’re in a real concert, and we dance like we’re in a concert to.

Who thought some old appliance repair technicians in Canada could be so good at ricking?