No Rock Concerts Due to COVID-19? How Concert Lovers can Cope….

Today’s post is sharing a strategy for concert lovers on how to cope during quarantine times. We’ve missed many great rock concerts in the past week because of this pandemic, but here is something we’ve been doing to cope and you can do it to!

The answer is simple. We’ve been having our own rock concerts at home. With our powerful speakers, we’ve invited our closest friends for an old school house party. We play everything from Dio and Metallica to The Beatles and Michael Jackson. We play the music really loud with lighting effects to give the illusion when our eyes are closed that we’re in a real concert, and we dance like we’re in a concert to.

Who thought some old appliance repair technicians in Canada could be so good at ricking?

California Therapist Requires Therapy After Becoming Appliance Repairman

This is a news article brought to you by our new content author. Welcome to our new and updated website. We’ve shifted focus from therapy in California to electronics and appliance repair services in all of North America. This news segment about one of our staff will help to explain why.

Being a therapist is often hard as you hear lots of problems in the world. Sometimes this leads to therapists needing therapy, and that’s exactly what happened to one of the best on our team and that’s why he is where he is today. Welcome to Jack’s story of how he went to being a therapist in California to an appliance repair technicians in Toronto.

One day while giving therapy to a client, Jack realized he didn’t know how to help his client. That night, amazed and disappointed with himself, he realized he needed help himself. After trying to give therapy to himself, alongside a little prep talk to remind himself that he is a good therapist, he came to the conclusion that he needed more hands-on work in his life.

That is when he decided to go and fix the freezer in the basement with his hands. The freezer had been broken for nearly a year and after repairing it he felt a lot better. Now he knew this kind of work is what made him happy, so he set off to become a proper appliance technician after taking some electrical courses in college. He moved to Toronto to live with his brother in order to get on his feet after this new career switch and now he is doing great there, working for a good appliance repair company.

But recently, after feeling regret for switching his career, thinking it was cowardly, he got therapy again and continues to go there. I hope you see the irony in this because it proves that running away from your problems is no way to fix them. Now he faces is inner demons head on and is doing much better.

Thanks for reading and come back soon. For more information on why we shifted gears toward this topic, click here. We wish you all the best!

Update #1

Welcome to the first update of many as I do the construction necessary to get this new blog on its feet. Today, while I have time, I just want to share that I updated my About the Author page. So if you’re curious about who this new person is that took over, you can find out!

I hope we can become friends. I look forward to making this the best blog I can for my readers. Have a good night!